One of many pervs

There was about an eight year span at one Catholic hospital I worked in, where we had about 21 leaders total. Nursing seems to go through a large amount of turn around with leaders. There was one guy, probably in his late 40’s, that was married and relocated from out west. He had stated a few times how he and his wife were on a cruise several years prior and were sitting at the table during formal night having dinner. He stated all of a sudden there was an awful smell of poo. He said they were all disgusted and kept asking the waiter about it. Well, horribly, for his wife, it was coming from her. She didn’t even know it. This poor woman had a bowel accident and was sitting there in her own shit. How terrible. She ended up staying in her room for the rest of the cruise. I would have done the same thing. This woman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a month later. That’s not the saddest part for this woman. The other part is that her man was a damn horn dog. He was always staring at my ass and asked,”Do you get your scrubs made special for your ass? Cuz no one else’s scrubs look that good on their ass. You do something to them. I know it.” Perv. One day another nurse and myself were sitting in the break room by ourselves. He came in and said,” Damn. I need to fuck. Because my wife has M.S. we don’t fuck. I think if I actually got any I’d blow a hole through the wall.” Hmm. Gross. After he left the other nurse, who was a lesbian, stated,”Damn. I almost feel like I should give him a sympathy fuck.” I was hit on (along with so many others) by this guy on a daily basis. He was in his position for about two months.

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