Naked in room 13

I used to have a side hustle for a short period. It was as a webcam girl. I wasn’t making enough money as a nurse and just needed a little extra income. In doing this, you have to keep your content fresh. One odd day,  were having a very unheard of, slow morning. I grabbed my good friend that knew of my side gig, and told her let’s go to room 13 so she could take some photos of me to add to my ‘collection’. We did our ten minute “photo session” and upon entering the nurses station area, our good friend, a guy in his early 50’s, who also knew of my side gig, states,”Hey… time you guys want to take pictures you may want to turn the camera off in the room!!” We were like, wait, what??! How did he know? He then states,”I came to the desk and just happened to look over at the camera videos and noticed you guys in there almost butt naked so I stood in front of the video so no one else would see!” Fucking hilarious. CAUGHT!! That was about six years ago and we STILL laugh about that shit! The shit we’ve done in the ER! And trust me—we are NOT the only ones, or the only ER with these shenanigans!! And again——-this was in the Catholic hospital. Even funnier.

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