Hello and welcome! I am an emergency room nurse for 15 years. I have seen a lot over these years. I am using this area as a journal to share my thoughts, stories, opinions, and anything I feel the need to voice. I am a mother, have a big heart, and I feel I have a great sense of humor.   I cuss too much,  love to vacation, love the ocean (should have been a mermaid), love wine, try to eat well, and am a romantic. I have an opinion on a lot of things and love to share. I realize not everyone agrees with me on everything, as I don’t always agree with everyone else all the time. I do, however, respect the fact that everyone is allowed to feel the way they do, right or wrong, and I don’t judge. I’m not always grammatically correct, so I apologize now. If I offend you, it’s not personal. If something on here seems to be about you or someone else, it’s not. Shit. Maybe I made it up—-but that is HIGHLY unlikely. So much crazy shit happens in the ER that you need to make anything up! I have some warped thoughts on some issues and maybe that makes me an awful nurse. Or person. Some names will be changed. I realize not all nurses or even some of the general public will agree with everything I say. I’m fine with that. We are all different and have different backgrounds. Some of us are more politically correct than others and some just have better morals and ethics. Mine are sometimes twisted.  If you don’t like anything on here you are free to leave. It is not my responsibility to make you like me. I’m just here to share and hopefully make you laugh or think twice about something. Just have fun in life and don’t take anything too seriously!

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