I’m on a roll today. Just thinking about funny and crazy times. We all in the ER, across the world, get sick of patients coming in and thinking they can bullshit us. If you need a work note or pain medication, it’s best just to say it. Trust me– we KNOW when you are bullshitting! This seems to be a topic of discussion in a lot of blogs. Anyway, we had a doctor who just didn’t care about speaking his mind. Right or wrong, it was funny as shit sometimes. Patients would come in and state their reason for coming in that day or state their symptoms or whatever, and this doctor would act like he was sneezing or coughing and say,”BULLSHIT!” The first couple of times he did it I would look at him with big eyes and mouth,”Shut the fuck up!” And keep going. But after awhile I just got used to it and just kept going, speaking to the patient, not missing a beat. Most of the time, patients would slant their eyes and look at him, cocking their heads to the side, with an eyebrow up, as if to say, ‘Did he just..’ I think they would watch me for my reaction but I would act like it didn’t happen and just keep going. When they left I would say,”What the fuck?! Just shut the fuck up when they are in here!” We would all just laugh. Terrible. But funny.

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