Naked in room 13

I used to have a side hustle for a short period. It was as a webcam girl. I wasn’t making enough money as a nurse and just needed a little extra income. In doing this, you have to keep your content fresh. One odd day,  were having a very unheard of, slow morning. I grabbed my good friend that knew of my side gig, and told her let’s go to room 13 so she could take some photos of me to add to my ‘collection’. Continue reading Naked in room 13

One of many pervs

There was about an eight year span at one Catholic hospital I worked in, where we had about 21 leaders total. Nursing seems to go through a large amount of turn around with leaders. There was one guy, probably in his late 40’s, that was married and relocated from out west. He had stated a few times how he and his wife were on a cruise several years prior and were sitting at the table during formal night having dinner. He stated all of a sudden there was an awful smell of poo. He said they were all disgusted and kept asking the waiter about it. Well, horribly, for his wife, it was coming from her. Continue reading One of many pervs

A Setup

The doctor came to me and stated,”I need you to meet me in room 20 with a speculum.” Okay. Fourth vaginal exam today. I gather the speculum, lube, specimen tubes, drape, and other various items. As I walk into the room, I see the doctor speaking to a man on the stretcher. The doctor states, “Hey. Come in and shut the door. You have the lube?” Continue reading A Setup