Inappropriate Behavior

So how is it, some assholes get to grope and feel on people? I have known a lot of nurses over the years whom have had to deal with guys being inappropriate af. This is not okay. I worked in a Catholic hospital a few years ago and the damn chaplains (TWO!!) were always talking about how hot I was or telling other nurses how hot they were, asking for dirty pictures, asking to go out, feeling women up, looking at body parts so we would see it, etc. This is crazy shit. Not only do a lot of nurses have to deal with disrespect from a lot of the public but they also have to deal with this type of shit/abuse. It’s wrong. I knew an asshole nurse practitioner who consistently asked a woman if he could rub her legs. WTF. He would always ask her if it made her feel uncomfortable. Of course it made her uncomfortable! If he even had to ask that question he knew he was wrong! He was, however, supposed to be her preceptor in the coming months. She felt like, ‘how am I supposed to react’ ? She needed him to be her preceptor because she knew no other ER NP’s. He was married and so was she. She felt extremely uncomfortable and just dealt with it for months until she couldn’t handle it anymore. She never got her rotation in the ER. Going back to the chaplains: They both were eventually terminated from the hospital. Both actually kept inappropriately contacting women. One woman’s husband became so angry he drove to the chaplain’s house and told him to stop contacting his F-ing wife or he would beat the sh*t out of him. Can’t say I blame him. Why do we feel we need to put up with all of this, though? What is in us that allows us to tolerate this behavior, even for a day?


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  1. I’ve had that type of stuff happen to me, too. I don’t know why nurses put up with that stuff. It’s like you’re just trying not to stir anything up. There’s so much judgement in nursing. I don’t know if anyone would believe it. We have a hotline at our hospital that you can call anonymously.

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