Make Me a Bird

Sometimes in the ER you get too many codes, too many dead people, see too much pain, etc. You have to protect your mind. And your heart. So sometimes, well, a lot of times, we are horribly inappropriate. Coping mechanism. We are not bad people. We just take care of a lot of scary shit and see stuff many people will never dream of encountering. So, again, we become very inappropriate, to make each other laugh, to get our minds away from what we are dealing with. Try not to judge. We seriously try our hardest to save the lives of others. And we are damn good at what we do. But sometimes, seeing your third dead person and the family that mourns for them, starts to wear on you.  Continue reading Make Me a Bird

Naked in room 13

I used to have a side hustle for a short period. It was as a webcam girl. I wasn’t making enough money as a nurse and just needed a little extra income. In doing this, you have to keep your content fresh. One odd day,  were having a very unheard of, slow morning. I grabbed my good friend that knew of my side gig, and told her let’s go to room 13 so she could take some photos of me to add to my ‘collection’. Continue reading Naked in room 13

One of many pervs

There was about an eight year span at one Catholic hospital I worked in, where we had about 21 leaders total. Nursing seems to go through a large amount of turn around with leaders. There was one guy, probably in his late 40’s, that was married and relocated from out west. He had stated a few times how he and his wife were on a cruise several years prior and were sitting at the table during formal night having dinner. He stated all of a sudden there was an awful smell of poo. He said they were all disgusted and kept asking the waiter about it. Well, horribly, for his wife, it was coming from her. Continue reading One of many pervs

A Setup

The doctor came to me and stated,”I need you to meet me in room 20 with a speculum.” Okay. Fourth vaginal exam today. I gather the speculum, lube, specimen tubes, drape, and other various items. As I walk into the room, I see the doctor speaking to a man on the stretcher. The doctor states, “Hey. Come in and shut the door. You have the lube?” Continue reading A Setup


Drunk people, please make sure you have someone to watch you if you do stupid things when drinking. A woman came into the ER waiting room yesterday, laid on several chairs, and began touching herself. She looked to be in her fifties. The registration clerk looked at me and said, “Can you go talk to her.” I looked over and there she was masturbating in front of about fifteen other people. I was currently with a hypertensive patient in a wheelchair in need of an EKG. I quickly spoke to and assessed her to be sure no stroke symptoms or something emergent. She smelled of strong alcohol odor. I told the clerk call security. I came back out to the waiting room area and she was now standing and stumbling. A wheelchair was offered to her and she refused by stating ‘Go f*#!k yourself’. One of the other charge nurses was standing with her to be sure she didn’t fall. We asked if she wanted to be seen as a patient and she said no. The police were called, but of course they didn’t come for  about another hour. She went outside, laid down on the sidewalk in front of the entrance, spread her legs, pulled up her shirt and began touching herself again and yelled out,”Don’t you f*#!*#*g touch me! I know my god damn rights.”  Wow. Really? Only in the ER.

Inappropriate Behavior

So how is it, some assholes get to grope and feel on people? I have known a lot of nurses over the years whom have had to deal with guys being inappropriate af. This is not okay. I worked in a Catholic hospital a few years ago and the damn chaplains (TWO!!) were always talking about how hot I was or telling other nurses how hot they were, asking for dirty pictures, asking to go out, feeling women up, looking at body parts so we would see it, etc. This is crazy shit. Not only do a lot of nurses have to deal with disrespect from a lot of the public but they also have to deal with this type of shit/abuse. Continue reading Inappropriate Behavior


Hello and welcome! I am an emergency room nurse for 15 years. I have seen a lot over these years. I am using this area as a journal to share my thoughts, stories, opinions, and anything I feel the need to voice. I am a mother, have a big heart, and I feel I have a great sense of humor.   I cuss too much,  love to vacation, love the ocean (should have been a mermaid), love wine, try to eat well, and am a romantic. I have an opinion on a lot of things and love to share. I realize not everyone agrees with me on everything, as I don’t always agree with everyone else all the time. I do, however, respect the fact that everyone is allowed to feel the way they do, right or wrong, and I don’t judge. I’m not always grammatically correct, so I apologize now. If I offend you, it’s not personal. If something on here seems to be about you or someone else, it’s not. Shit. Maybe I made it up—-but that is HIGHLY unlikely. So much crazy shit happens in the ER that you need to make anything up! I have some warped thoughts on some issues and maybe that makes me an awful nurse. Or person. Some names will be changed. I realize not all nurses or even some of the general public will agree with everything I say. I’m fine with that. We are all different and have different backgrounds. Some of us are more politically correct than others and some just have better morals and ethics. Mine are sometimes twisted.  If you don’t like anything on here you are free to leave. It is not my responsibility to make you like me. I’m just here to share and hopefully make you laugh or think twice about something. Just have fun in life and don’t take anything too seriously!